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Planning ahead

Although many spend a lot of time thinking about and planning their education, their careers, their wedding, their family, their home, planning around death and dying is often ignored or done incompletely. Learn more about death and dying, think about how you would prefer to die, and plan and communicate your wishes to your family and loved ones.

February meeting

Burn Institute
8825 Aero Drive
San Diego CA 92123

Date: February 4, 2015

Time: 10am-11:30am

Educational Topic:
"The Buddhist Way of Death and Dying"

Guest (10:30am):
Diana Shimkus, LCSW
Psychotherapist practicing mindfulness-informed therapy since 1985.
Co-director of North Coast Counseling and Founder of Everyday Mindfulness

Join us in exploring the Buddhist path of kindness, compassion and wisdom by recognizing the preciousness, impermanence and vulnerability of this human life we share.

In this presentation, Diana will guide you through some everyday mindfulness meditation tools taken from the Buddhist tradition for learning how you can skillfully and whole-heartedly work with your own experience around death and dying and those you serve. Using these very challenging life situations to soften up and become more available to the truth of our interconnectedness and that which impedes it.

Let's not wait until our final breath to wake up to our life.

Advanced Health Care Directive Help
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Our Mission :

"To educate and raise awareness within San Diego County about end-of-life issues and to provide resources to help people make informed choices."

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